Are you looking to translate a French legal document into English?

Based near Birmingham, French Legal Translation provides freelance translation and proofreading services from French into English for all types of legal documents. Rebecca Smith has previously worked with local solicitors, international law firms, multinational organisations and governmental institutions providing them with high-quality French into English legal translation services.

A speedy, accurate and cost-effective service

Working in direct contact with a freelance translator cuts out the middle man, helping you to maximise efficiency, avoid misunderstandings and minimise cost. My aim is to provide you with an English legal translation that reads as easily and as accurately as your original French document. I am a legally qualified French into English translator with eight years of experience in the translation field, so you can have peace of mind that the correct legal terminology will be used throughout your legal translations. I appreciate that time is of the essence and I also know that accuracy in legal translation is paramount. You benefit from expert industry knowledge and a single point of contact to understand your specific business needs, enabling any potential issues to be easily identified and prevented. My unrelenting focus on quality and customer satisfaction ensures you will always receive the best service possible.

Document types

- Employment contracts
- Terms and conditions of sale
- Terms and conditions of purchase
- Confidentiality agreements
- Non-disclosure agreements
- Distribution agreements
- Franchise agreements
- Licence agreements
- Shareholders’ agreements
- Partnership agreements
- Powers of attorney
- Loan agreements
- Leases (domestic and commercial)
- Property deeds
- Eviction notices
- Insurance policies
- Wills
- Articles of association
- Decree nisi
- Decree absolute
- Marriage certificates
- Prenuptial agreements
- Change of name deeds
- IT policies
- Health and safety policies
- Grievance procedures
- Tenders
- Patents
... and many more

Why use a professional legal translator?

Translation is a specialised skill and a legal translator needs to have a good knowledge of both source and target legal systems to avoid the many pitfalls inherent in legal translation involving French and English. Some legal terms can be easily mistranslated, such as the French term "voie de fait", which translates into English as "assault and battery¨ in a criminal law context but in administrative law refers to the circumstances which take the dispute in question beyond the jurisdiction of administrative courts. By using a professional French into English legal translator you ensure that your translated document is a bona fide version of the original text.